Sharon M. Kamel, CRTP.
We're proud to serve you.
Joseph A. Gabra, CPA.

Accounting Rivers is  an accounting firm of professionals located in Camarillo, CA. We accumulated more than 20 years of Combined National and International experiences through a wide range of Accounting and Financial Services.

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We Continually developing a reputation for professional excellence through performing high quality of services for our clients.

Accounting Rivers's philosophy
We believe that knowledge is power, and our clients has the right to own it. So our emphasize on providing the clients with this power is main part of our services.

Accounting Rivers's Mission
Will meet its fiduciary responsibilities to our clients by maintaining the highest professional standards and providing effective quality service through highest level of technical expertise.

Accounting Rivers's Vision
To meet the needs of our clients, we  will provide timely, efficient and innovative support delivered by a highly motivated team.

Accounting Rivers's Goal
To provide our clients with Knowledge, Attitude, and skills to enable them to reach their financial goals.

Accounting Rivers's Motto
We're proud to serve you.